About us

Fonderia is a young, dynamic, sophisticated brand, born from the desire to create a concept of a wristwatch that could represent our idea of a modern timepiece.

A clock that wants not to simply be only a new object of desire, but that assumes a very different purpose: to be a faithful companion for every day, with its own identity, its own spirit, and a willingness to "dress" your wrist. Modena and Emilia Romagna in general, are famous in the world for companies from different sectors that were established here, that have their own roots here and in particular for those enterprises that are related to engines and food, not to mention the fashion sector, all very strong and advanced industrial realities.

And it’s from these elements that we got our sources of inspiration, that comes out the spirit of Fonderia: the unbridled passion for crafts, the real ones, as they were once upon, the emotions awakened by the roar of a 12-cylinder engine, or by persuasive lines of a haute couture dress, the stimulation of senses of a glass of red wine, an all-round experience in a few words, that leads us and drives us to do even better every day.

Foundry borns from here, we start from here, our business idea comes alive from this.

An idea that has bases much more than solid, because born as an offshoot of one of the companies of this industrial base that has always been a wonderful representative of it: Lowell, watchmaking firm which celebrated in 2016 its 44 years of activity, and that continues today to be a symbol of entrepreneurship from Emilia and Italy in general. Fonderia, a young company, but with more than solid roots and most of all with the desire to create its own future and to take its own place in the world of watchmaking and fashion.